(75=0-12M) 1 yards length: 55cm;Bust: 29*2 waist: 28*2 coat bust: 30*2

(85=1-2T) 2 yards length: 60cm;Bust: 31*2 waist: 30*2 coat bust: 32*2

(95=2-3T) 3 yards length: 65cm,bust: 33*2 waist : 32*2 coat bust: 34*2

(105=3-4) 5 yards length: 69cm,bust: 35*2 waist: 34*2 coat bust: 35*2

(115=4-5T) 7 yards: length: 76cm,Bust: 36*2 waist: 35*2 coat bust: 37*2

(125=6-7T) 9 yards : length: 84cm,Bust: 37*2 waist: 36*2 coat bust: 38*2

(135=8-9T) 11 yards length: 89cm,bust:39*2 waist: 38*2 coat bust: 39*2

(145=10-11T)13 yards length: 95cm,bust:40*2 waist: 39*2 coat bust: 41*2

(155=12-13T) 15 yards length: 99cm,bust: 42*2 waist: 41*2 coat bust: 43*2

color : green mei, mei powder. The powder under the purple. Apricot pink, pink on the green

[quality] : this blouse USES high-grade jacquard cloth, not silk and rub off, skirt USES high-grade embroidery yarn, cotton cloth, it is very suitable for summer wearing a very classic, very delicate and lovely, small number, want to purchase a quick…

[wash]: dress skirt unless specified, all can be washed (no wash), hang dry, not sun, hanging, iron.

Green Rose

Under the powder on mei

Up powder purple

Up and down

Red on the green

Will figure