USD 24.00/pieceUSD 49.80/pieceUSD 20.90-22.90/pieceUSD 40.00-44.00/pieceUSD 48.00/pieceUSD 36.72-50.48/pieceUSD 23.90/pieceUSD 47.80/piece


US $48.00 US $49.80 US $43.80 US $58.00 US $42.00 US $50.00 US $47.80 US $47.80 US $59.80 US $44.00 US $49.80 US $53.80


Please note:

The chronograph is very weak and need your attention, please take it carefully afer you receive the watch.

Following is the steps to test whether the chronograph works, please do it accordingly:

1. Push the first button (only one push), check whether the small dials work, and wait at least 60 seconds (1 minute).

2. Then push the first button again (only one push), the small dials stop working.

3. Push the third button, check whether the small dials back to their original position.

Please don’t do:

1. Please don’t push the buttons frequently.

2. Please don’t push the buttons without our suggestions and mixed push them.

The above operation will lead the movement miss its way and rules, it will make the chronograph broken.

Please do:

1. If you can’t understand the steps which we stated above, please ask me for video. We will show you how to use it via videos.

2. If you find the chronograph can’t work after test it according to our steps, please take a video and send to us. We will check and give you the solutions.

3. If your frequently push on the buttons, and it leads to the chronograph can’t reset to their position, please feel free to contact us, we will show you how to reset it via videos.